How Many Tennis Balls Fit In A Limo
Assuming we are filling a rectangular limo without the wheel, engine, seats or trunk, you can find how many tennis balls fit into the limo by dividing its volume by the volume of a tennis ball. So, 1,555,2000 divided by 4.18 is 372,057.45 or 372,057 full tennis balls.

How many tennis balls fit in a 747?

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First, we need to find the volume of the aeroplane and the tennis ball. Once we get these figures, we will divide the volume of the airplane with that of the tennis ball. The formula for the cylinder is = πr2h Estimating that an airplane has an approximate radius of 1 meter (assuming the aeroplane has the same height of a normal office floor) and length 33 meters (400 seats in an aeroplane with 10 seats a row which gives us 40 rows and adding another 10 rows for pilot and toilets we get to 50 rows * 2 feet which gives us 100 feet or 33 meters). The volume of aeroplane is 103m